Sunday, February 28, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

(courtesy of my father)
When I was little, many Saturday mornings were full of excitement as my father got ready for his tennis match (my mother played too, but she never took it as seriously as my father did, I don't think). I remember standing at the kitchen peninsula on countless sunny summer mornings watching my dad make what he liked to call "Breakfast of Champions."
I'm sure my parents will argue many "Breakfasts of Champions" that they made before going to tennis, but I specifically remember this one. I guess I thought my father was crazy...putting milk, PB, honey, banana and OATMEAL? all in one blender. I had my doubts. "It's just like a peanut butter-banana sandwich, Liv," he argued. Of course, why didn't I think of that.
This breakfast shake probably will fit in your Disgusting (looking) but Delicious category. But it IS quite delicious (if you like all of these ingredients), and the texture--be prepared for something a little chewy; it makes you feel like you're eating an actual breakfast. But you are!
The oatmeal (whole grain carbohydrate) will keep up your energy and maintain your focus throughout the morning because oats are rich in Arginine which helps blood circulation. The peanut butter (natural please!) is high in protein and will keep you going after the oats wear off. It also replaces an egg you may have skipped to have this shake. Honey has many antioxidant properties and also gives you a different kind of energy boost. Milk "helps build strong bones" of course, and the banana...well, the vitamin B6 helps the nervous system in dealing with stress.
Breakfast of Champions, eh?

Breakfast of Champions
1 banana
2-3 Tbls natural peanut butter
1 c milk
sprinkling of oats (3Tbls is plenty)
drizzle of honey (optional)

banana= .30
Smukers Natural Creamy Peanut Butter= .20 (per serving)
milk =.22
oats= (1.59 for the 18 oz container) so what... 5 cents?
honey= (2.19 for 8 oz) again... 5 cents

Total Tally: $0.82

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