Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cure-All

No matter how long your week is planned to be, or how long it ends up being, you are always glad it's over. Tuesday night hit me like a sack-uh-potatoes. Sore throat, slight aches, and FATigue. Probably cause school closed before I could get to the gym.
Here's my home remedy for any ailment. It might already be yours, but I modified it a smidge.

Some health benefits: lemon is said to help aid in digestion (it also tastes really yummy, ginger is believed to cut through congestion by opening nasal passages and lungs, and honey soothes the throat. Also, ginger helps settle the tummy. Overall, just a lovely, comforting thing to drink.
I could drink this every day.

Cure-All Tea
2 bags Sleepytime Tea (it has chamomile and other good things, your favorite mild tea will work)
2 c water
1/3 lemon
fresh ginger (size of your thumb depending on how much you like it)

1. Either in the microwave or on the stove, heat water until it boils. Add tea bags and steep.
2. Cut a third of the lemon, from the end, and take out sections. (I cut mine like a grapefruit to remove very small sections of the lemon.) Slice large pieces of the lemon zest, avoiding the white parts. Peel ginger, finely cube or coin it. For a bigger ginger flavor, grate over a micro-plane. You might want to strain the tea if you do this. Add all and Steep for another minute.
3. Strain this mixture (possibly leave behind the lemon sections or slice a piece for garnish) and stir in honey. You may want to re-heat it.

lemon= .50
ginger=5 something a lb (who would buy that much ginger?) =.50
honey= <.25
tea bags= 3-5 depending on brand= .50

Total Tally= $1.75

Also, if you have a ton of drainage/phlegm try mixing water, a couple capfuls of apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey. Heat and stir. It may taste funny, but boy does it work!

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