Sunday, March 14, 2010

On a Whim Banana Pudding

After much deliberation, I have decided to omit the "Total Tally" for most of my posts. It is incredibly time consuming and not completely accurate. I will however have some suggestions as to how you can cut costs.
That being said, this past week was Spring break and I have been in and out of Atlanta for the past week, so the time I've had to cook was limited. Desperate for something to occupy my time off from school work this morning, I rummaged around in my pantry....I found some sugar free pudding, old 100 calorie packs, nuts, and bananas. All I ever needed for some home cookin'!
So I got everything together and went to work! If you have random things lying around, try combining them, you might be surprised in what you can come up with.
I threw the cookies on the bottom of the pan (those chocolate oreo ones would be good too, maybe with a different pudding), chopped up some walnuts, threw them on top. Then I sliced a couple bananas and put them on top of the "crust" layer.
Finally, make your pudding, 2 c milk, sugar free banana pudding mix, maybe add some vanilla. This is where you can get creative. I would have added vanilla had I had any and I also thought about putting a top layer of white chocolate pudding. (Sometimes I find the banana pudding TOO banana-y so maybe try leaving out a bit of the banana mix and adding a vanilla or white chocolate pudding to substitute.) 
Now, I didn't take a picture, but I found a way to sneak some chocolate in. I grated, or finely chopped, some super dark chocolate right on top of the bananas. It was like chocolate snow....mmmmm....! But if you use dark chocolate with a 60-80% cocoa, you will get the most nutrients. Bananas--loaded with potassium! Walnuts--omega 3 fatty acids; they help keep your skin and hair healthy! As for pudding and 100 calorie cookies, you can figure that one out.


Banana Pudding
1 pkg banana pudding mix
2 c milk
20 small cookies (Nilla wafers are the BEST!)
handful of nuts (optional)
dark chocolate (optional)
vanilla (optional)

1. Follow directions on the box for making the pudding.
2. Layer ingredients in ANY WAY YOU WANT!
3. Cover and store in refrigerator.


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