Saturday, October 16, 2010

Winter Waldorf Salad

Ever had a craving for a really yummy salad? Well, I'm sure this salad will be the one you crave and your new favorite! It's fairly easy (especially if you have leftover chicken). So the supermarkets are now packed with pears! They are such a glorious fall treat. Here's a helpful hint on picking out pears: with any pear with a thin skin (most except Bosc) feel for a slight give, but don't bruise them. It's best to buy them a couple to a few days in advance, depending on how ripe they are in the grocery store. Secondly, since Bosc pears have a tougher skin, they wont ''give'' as much when you press on them. Also, I have found that if I wait until they do "give," they are too ripe. [Stay tuned for a  Bosc pear recipe!]
Also, my favorite salad dressing is used. Newman's Own Oil and Vinegar is so delish and its very simple.  

And can I just say something else? I LOVE fruit, especially craisins in salad because it gives you that sweet bite that is so unexpected, but OH SO GOOD! All of the different textures in this salad make it a delight to eat: crispness of apples, smoothness of pears, tender chicken, chewy and succulent cherries and craisins, and crunchy walnuts.

Winter Waldorf Salad
1 roasted or leftover chicken breast
1 peeled and diced apple
1 peeled and diced pear
handful of each: dried cherries, craisins, walnuts
little bit of Lemon Juice
Newman's Own Oil and Vinegar (or whatever dressing you like)
spinach and/or any greens you want

1. Start out by toasting the walnuts on a dry pan and set aside.
2. Chop chicken, dice the apple and pear and add to mixing bowl. Add the cherries, craisins and walnuts. 
3. Take a small piece of lemon and squeeze it over the ingredients and stir so all the fruit is evenly coated with lemon juice. Then add dressing to taste.
4. Serve over dressed greens. Makes 2-3 Servings.

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